Price List

Adult examination (including appropriate small radiographs)From £35
New patient Examination (including appropriate small radiographs)From £50
Extended examination / Implant Consultation (including appropriate small radiographs)From £75
Complex examination including report/letterFrom £230
Hygienist Treatments 
Routine Hygienist appointment From £44
Extended Hygienist appointmentFrom £75
Periodontal treatmentFrom £95
Total stain removal From £105
Direct Hygiene appointment (non registered patient)From £90
Simple treatments 
Basic amalgam metal fillingFrom £75
Composite tooth coloured FillingFrom £100
Emergency appointmentFrom £100
ExtractionFrom £80
Treatment on children less than 18 years of age 
Child examinations including fluoride preventative treatment and radiographs 0-6 years  (If parent/Guardian a registered patient) Free
Child examinations including radiographs and preventive fluoride treatment 6 -18 years  (If parent/Guardian a registered patient)£17.50
All Fillings and other treatment on Permanent (adult) teethFull adult fee
Child examinations including radiographs and preventive fluoride treatment 0 -18 years (non-registered parent/Guardian)£35
Child examinations including radiographs and preventive fluoride treatment 0 -18 years (if parent/guardian current or new Denplan patient)Free
All Fillings and other treatment on Deciduous (Baby) teethfrom £10
Advanced Treatments 
Root canal treatmentFrom £400
Basic crownFrom £450
Aesthetic crownFrom £650
Aesthetic Veneer From £650
Maryland bridge per toothFrom £500
Fixed bridge per toothFrom £650
Basic acrylic dentureFrom £500
Aesthetic acrylic denture From £550
Cobalt chrome metal denture From £850
Valplast 'flexible' dentureFrom £850
Complex Dental treatments 
Dental Implants 
Cone beam 3D scan From £150
ImplantsFrom £1400
Implant including aesthetic crownFrom £2,500
Bony augmentationFrom £375
2 implants with implant dentureFrom £4,000
All on 4' with fixed provisional bridgeFrom £7,500
Nobel Biocare titanium frame with acrylic teethFrom £5,000
Createch titanium telescopic bridge with acrylic teethFrom £5,500
Nobel Biocare or Createch frame with individual zirconia crownsFrom £7,000
Orthodontic Braces 
Invisalign GO - front teethFrom £2,800
Invisalign fullFrom £4,000
Quick straight teethFrom £1,450 per Arch
Cosmetic Treatments 
Facial Aesthetics 
Dermal fillersfrom £150
Anti-wrinkle Injectionfrom £150
At home tooth whitening with custom traysFrom £275
New Philips Zoom White Speed whitening in surgeryFrom £575
Maxillofacial Consultant Treatments 
Suspected cancer assessment with Maxillofacial consultantFrom £250
Suspected cancer review appointment with Maxillofacial consultantFrom £120
Surgical extraction with Maxillofacial consultantFrom £400
Additional fee if dental implant placement by Maxillofacial consultantFrom £120
Out of Hours 
Reopening the practice out of normal working hoursFrom £250